Tip of the week 

Water is low and clear right now you really have to be careful getting into position. Fish are skittish and getting a great look at your fly.
Downstream slack line presentations for dry flies are helpful so the fish sees fly first.
Nymphing heads of pools or deeper runs can be effective but use a yarn indicator or none at all to avoid a splash.
Zug Bugs, Prince Nymphs and Leadwing Coachmen make good Isonychia imitations. Iso nymphs are very active swimmers so you should fish your flies with a swing through faster water or use a quick short strip.

Seven-day forecast 

some more rain in forecast should improve conditions

Must Have Flies 
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CDC Mayfly Emerger BWO #18-24 Buy from
Splitsville Caddis Tan/Olive #16-18 Buy from
Pale Morning Dun Thorax #20 Buy from
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